Top 10 prom hairstyles for your big night

Prom Hairstyles: 10 Stunning Looks for Your Big Night

You’ve decided on your dress, shoes, accessories, and make-up, but you still need one more item to be prom-ready – your hair! Here are some seriously cute prom hairstyles to help you decide on your look for this fantastic occasion. Know that you are gorgeous regardless of your hair, makeup, or clothes. Have fun at your prom and make great memories with your friends to look back on. Now go out there and dance the night away in one of these adorable updos, downdos, half-updos, braids, and more!

    1. Soft Wavy Rooted Blonde HairCute soft wavy rooted blonde prom hair do

      Elegantly smooth and wavy rooted blonde hair is a fantastic prom hairstyle. To produce gorgeous and distinctive styles, it may be fashioned into an updo, braid, half up, or down ‘do. With the appropriate products, this look will last all night. And all while appearing easy and natural. Use a strong-hold hairspray and some lightweight gel for optimum grip. Both contribute to keeping each strand in place without feeling sticky or heavy. Finish with some shine spray to complete the appearance.

    2. Amazing Waterfall BraidStunning waterfall hairstyle for prom

      This waterfall weave is a casual, chic, and modern look. It’s always eye-catching and unique. The waves blend in well with the weaving. It’s a fun and flirty romantic hairdo. I propose using some hair foam in your lengths and before blow drying your hair to guarantee it holds nicely during your prom dance.

    3. Elegant Curls Elegant curls prom hairstyles

      This is a beautiful, glamorous, and voluminous hairstyle that would be perfect for a wedding, prom, or ball. The curls are my favorite part of this look. I like everything about this look, from the pin curls to the voluminous curls to the subtle intricate curls! Rock this look and do it well. With the application of Beyond the Zone humidity blocking spray and holding spray, it may be worn for more than one day.

    4. Simple Boho Style  Simple Boho style for prom hairstyles

      This is a bohemian hairstyle, in my opinion. The braided crown is my favorite element of this basic and natural style. For the finishing touch, I recommend a medium-hold hairspray. I prefer to pin the curls after curling, spritz, let them set/dry, and then release them for longer-lasting curls.

    5. Curled Bun with Braided Detail Curled bun with braided detail for prom hairstyles

      For your prom night, opt for an elegant curled bun updo with braided detail. Begin by backcombing portions of your hair to add volume. I propose using a detangling brush to neatly bring your hair over the backcombing. Because this is an updo, no curl holding products are required; simply use hairspray.
      When bringing your bun back, leave out two identical sections in the front and set them aside. Curl and pin your hair as required after it’s up. Pull the braid apart to make it appear larger and thicker. Tuck the ends into your bun once you’ve finished.

    6. Romantic Pinned Prom UpdoProm hairstyles for short hair

      A basic approach to short hair prom style may be lovely and charming. This updo is a great example. Bobby pins offer stability to the strands when they are pushed back into a high bun. It takes effort and preparation to achieve that ideal posture. Begin the preparations at least an hour before the big night. For a longer-lasting hold, use setting spray or mousse on dry hair.
      Make sure to tightly secure each strand as you go. To complete the effect, use a bright shine serum. The Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream will keep your lovely locks gleaming all night!

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    7. Short Chain Braided Style with Curled Ends Short chain braided style with curl end prom hairstyles for short hair

      This easy ‘do is ideal for adding texture and character to shorter hair. Begin by spritzing damp hair with sea salt spray to get a tousled, beachy look. Then, from one temple to the other, make a 3-strand braid. After that, wrap portions of your braid loosely around a 1′′ curling iron for defined spiral curls at the ends. Finish with a light-hold hairspray, such as FaveFAV’s Argan Oil Hairspray.
      It will maintain your strands in place without weighting them down!

    8. Chic Braided UpDoChic braided prom hairstyles updo

      It’s an exquisite updo with twisted puffs. What I enjoy best about it is that I took our two-strand twists, which most of us wore as kids, and mixed it with lovely puffs to create this elegant look—plus matched with the ad hoc diamond partings.

      It’s one of those styles that would look amazing on most level 3 to 4 hair types and would last a few days. It’s fantastic since it’s off the face, which shows off your beauty while still keeping you cool if you’re out celebrating an occasion. You just need edge control, shine spray, and a Marley braid hair extension if you need to increase length.

    9. Trendy Lemonade Braid Trendy Lemonade Braid for prom hairstyles

      This look is known as “lemonade braids.” These are freestyle cornrows that demand creativity and a lot of time. It’s a type of style that has been around for a while, and the price varies based on the length and size a customer may want. My favorite thing about these braided hairstyles for black girls is the unique design. With this style, I have to ensure the pattern I create is neat and presentable. I love doing this style because clients are always satisfied with the designs I come up with. Even though it takes up to six to eight hours to get them done, it is worth the satisfaction!

      Protect these braids before going to bed. This step is very important to help maintain the style longer and keeps it neat for the next day. Secondly, moisturize your scalp because they lose its shine when these braids get old. Any hair (natural or relaxed) can wear these braids, but I don’t recommend this style to anyone with short hair. Also, keep your edges safe by not keeping the braids in for too long because they can be pulled along with the braids.

    10. Protective Braided UpDoProtective Braided Up do for prom hairstyles

      cute updo with braids makes sophisticated prom hairstyles for black hair. Try EcoStyler brand gel, spritz, and edge control for black prom hairstyles that look good all night. You can also achieve this ponytail style with a weave.

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